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Now in Egypt and under the supervision of the best Turkish doctors You can perform hair transplantation using the latest technology used In the field of hair transplantation and treating the problem of hair loss for men and women using DHI Choi pens and also Saphir pens.


DHI hair transplantation

(Direct hair transplantation) or what is called hair transplantation using Choi pens where, using a special Choi pen, hair follicles are fixed in the pen and placed at the point to be transplanted once. It is used in narrow areas such as tightening or scarring, surgical scars and small burns in patients suffering from hair loss in general as well as people who want to perform hair transplantation without shaving. The healing process is fast and also its results are excellent

Sapphire Technique

Hair transplant using Sapphire pens technology

The advantages of hair transplantation using Sapphire pens technology is one of the latest technologies used for hair transplantation methods that are constantly evolving more than the usual method. The most important feature is that it reduces the healing time to 7 days and there is no risk of scarring in the future. Sapphire FUE allows frequent and natural hair transplantation at the highest level.

Pain-free anesthesia

This technique is performed using a painless anesthesia machine and is applied before local anesthesiai This partial, localized operation is performed without the use of a needle and is therefore comfortable for our patients who are afraid of needles. Thus, there is no pain during the operation.

Can women also benefit from hair transplantation?

Hair loss in women is different from hair loss in men. For women, the doctor first determines the cause of the hair loss. After conducting the results of the investigations and examinations, the patient's hair transplant procedure is performed with the same steps of the hair transplant procedure that is performed on men. More transplant treatments can be applied if weak hair follicles are detected after hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a good option for women to solve hair loss problems

Eyebrow transplant

Although eyebrow loss is usually a minor problem, complete eyebrow loss sometimes occurs. The biggest reason for eyebrow loss is a problem that many females face as a result of using permanent makeup that has become common in recent times. In addition to permanent make-up Contouring also causes eyebrow loss In addition to external factors, eyebrow loss is also affected by internal factors The most common of these are stress, genetic factors, injuries that leave scars and diseases that weaken the immune system, such as alopecia areata. All of them can contribute to eyebrow hair loss

Who are the suitable candidates?

Individuals with partial or complete loss of eyebrows are good candidates for eyebrow surgery Permanent eyebrow transplant treatment. Let us briefly describe the procedure that is usually performed by specialized surgeons in our country and around the world.

Stages of eyebrow transplantation:

Consultation: The shape of the eyebrow is determined during the consultation. It is very important for the patient to decide what kind of eyebrow he wants. That is why he should decide the eyebrow line and thickness with his doctor.
Operation: Eyebrow transplant operations are performed under simple local anesthesia. In the eyebrow operations performed by the doctors of the Uni Hair Clinic using the FUE method, hair follicles are extracted one by one, and then one hair follicle is carefully implanted in the receiving area. The process takes 2-3 hours The results of the operation are very satisfactory It takes about one year for the eyebrows to fully grow and develop the desired shape Within 5-7 days, the follicles that are fed by the blood vessels begin to grow In this way, natural, permanent and easy-to-shape eyebrows are obtained Eyebrow transplantation is performed under local anesthesia.


Who are We ?

We are UNI HAIR CLINIC Specialized in the field of hair transplantation for nearly 14 years.

Hair transplantation operations are performed using the best techniques used in hair transplantation operations. Thanks to the experience and knowledge we have gained in the field of hair transplantation since 2007, we have provided 100% customer satisfaction. We offer you the best results of hair transplantation We follow the process with you and support you until the final result. All our operations are performed by specialized doctors. The most important of them From

1- A sterile and healthy medical environment

2- Equipment of the highest quality

3- Personal examination and medication for each individual

4- Our professional team gives quality time and commitment to each individual patient The most important things for our patients are 1- Painless and comfortable operation 2- Satisfying the patient and giving the best results 3- Hair transplantation is natural and unique, just like you 4- Providing complete information about each stage of the process and supporting you for the following year until you reach the desired results Giving you a lifetime guarantee for the transplanted hair

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