Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can get a hair transplantation?

Anyone who is experiencing genetic and stress-related hair loss can have the operation.

2. Which methods are used in hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation methods are generally divided into two:

FUE techniques, and sapphire FUE  and DHI technique.

3. How will hair density be determined?

Depending on the lack of hair in the region, the grafts to be transplanted are planned.

4. How short should the hair be for the hair transplantation?

It should be completely trimmed so that hair follicles can be clearly seen and taken with the FUE tool.

5. Do the hairs on the region where the follicles are taken re-grow?

The regions where follicles are taken do not regrow hair.Dilution is done proportionally.There will not be any obvious marks left.

6. How long does the hair transplantation surgery take?

It depends on the area to be operated. It takes 7-10 hours on average.

7. What post operative care should be taken?

The operated area must be protected from all kinds of trauma.  Lie on your back in order to prevent swelling on the operated area. It is necessary to use the medicines carefully and consult with the physician who has done the operation if there is a problem.  Avoid contact with water until the first hair wash. It is necessary to comply with the recommendations of the physician.

8. What are the complications and side effects of hair transplantation?

Complications and side effects of this operation is very few. As human anatomies differ from each other, the complications are rare.

These can be:  Necrosis in the transplantation area or the donor area, the transplanted follicles not holding onto the scalp.Allergic reaction to the anesthetic drugs.

9. Under what circumstances would hair transplantation not be performed?

If the donor area where the follicles are to be taken is not suitable, the operation cannot be performed.  Patients with chronic illnesses (heart problems , high blood pressure, sugar.hipatitis .hiv) or allergies must inform the doctor about their condition. Performing the operation to these patients may be too risky.

10. Which Way Does Hair Grow?

As the channels opened by the lateral slit technique are opened towards the current hair, the transplanted scars grow very close to the original shape and can be brushed in the desired direction.

11. Does the existing hair falls out?

The transplanted hair does not usually fall out, but existing hair may fall out.

12. Do all the follicles transplanted grow?

Depending on the region where the follicles are transplanted , if the blood circulation of the patient is enough to feed the transplanted hairs, almost all of the hair can grow. This process lasts up to 14 month.